I have used a combination of rum and wine for soaking but not just wine. The baking time was about 55 minutes. Thanks, hope it comes out perfect this time. Top 10 desserts of Kerala 1. I want to add egg but not alcohol. during xmas, just to make a point. (as advised by you, I did dust the fruits with flour, but the fruits did seem a bit soggy when I baked the cake). Even i became a plum cake convert a couple of years back, remember munching on tea rusk! The baking time can vary depending on the oven & also the size of the tin used. Thanks for such a lovely recipe. Wish you & your family a happy & blessed new year! It was great. In a pan on medium heat, melt 1/2 cup sugar slowly. I’m away on vacation now, so I dont check mails frequently. But I guess there will be a slight flavour even if you soak only for a few hours. Kerala Style Bread with Curry. Thanks for this awesome recipe. Thanks once again.. Leave it overnight @ room temp. kozhukatta recipe I’m so happy :). please do let me know. Hi Maria, thank u so much for the perfect recipe, can u please tell me how many ml is ur measuring cup. I baked this cake and put it as an Easter special on my blog. Instead of rum or brandy can v use anything non alcoholic. Please try making it again and I do hope it comes out well this time. About the qty of butter in this recipe – I won’t recommend cutting down the qty, it may affect the taste and texture of the cake. hi maria ,i m meria..thanks 4 the recipe…the cake tasted yummy…i do not have 2 baking dish,so i baked in my big baking dish at a time,so it took more than 1 and half hours…middle portion of the cake went down…y is it so?i beat egg white so creamy but at the time to pour,plain egg white came from the cup..up portion remained the same.also after 45 min,i opened the oven door and again i kept it for 20 and again for 30 min.pls help me to find out what is the reason y the middle portion went down? US and UK cup measurements are not same.) Did you get a chance to bake this cake? TIA. I tried to bake a plum Cake using this recipe. 2 cups of flour is 250 gms. sounds weird i know, but tastes wonderful and a good twist to good old plum cake, I was under the impression that I already replied to this comment, I remember typing out a rep, dont knw what happened to that :(, Anyways, soaking the fruits in wine is also good, I’d soaked in grape wine in the previous years. I’ve been following your blog since 2 months now.I even tried out couple of your cake recipes.It came out very well.Your measurements are easy to follow and instructions are very clear. I tried the cake for Xmas this year and it came out perfect . Please advise. ... are simply the round shaped cutlets with Chicken and potatoes which are coated in bread crumbs and fried in oil.Spicy Bakery style cutlets are a favourite tea time snack that can be easily prepared in our home,we just … I simply love everything what u do, and the new look is awesome. Happy New Year, We had a lovely Christmas, thank you! Hi Maria, after pre heating the oven, the cake should be baked at what temperature for 40-45 minutes? ….without that alchocol will it come out well? Will the recipe be the same for the other ingredients? I had tried this once and it came out well. The recipe and the comments sound good, so i have decided to bake this cake tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the feedback here. Tried this cake y’day n it came out very well. Thanks for your help. Can I continue with the same recipe…I mean the same quantity u have mentioned for all ingredients? Can I use a standard tea cup for all ingredients? Fold in the soaked fruits & 4 tbsp of retained liquor. Great to know that this cake worked out well for you :) I’m glad that you consider this blog as a reference source.

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