Engineered for a wide variety of playing styles, the Wilson Ultra series was made for the modern power game. Groundstrokes We enjoyed the power of this frame most at the baseline. Your email address will not be published. share. But I understand that the price point is a pain point so maybe start going softer with your current racquet and then move to the Ultra Tour. The Ultimate Guide to Polyester Tennis Strings, Tennis String Gauge and Its Impact on Performance. As far as materials go, the VCORE 98 (305) features NAMD graphite, which gives the racquet a unique flex to further increase spin and power. True to its name, the Babolat Pure Aero also features Babolat’s Aeromodular design, which varies the shape and form of the frame at key parts of the racquet and allows the racquet to swing quickly through the air. There’s no need to muscle this racquet to generate pace. Furthermore, with an 11.4-ounces strung weight and a low stiffness rating of 54, the Phantom will suit players looking for a control-oriented racquet that’s arm-friendly. 3.3k. Topspin Everything about this racquet is engineered for generating spin and on the court, and it shows. This combination results in the racquet’s ability to generate increased topspin. This model also comes with Wilson's Uncontaminated Design, which means it has the same bold simplicity and velvety paint finish found in the Pro Staff and Blade lines. WILSON!!! As the name suggests, the Pro Staff 97L has a smaller 97-square-inch head size and weighs in at only 10.8 ounces compared with its heftier 12.6-ounce brother, the RF97, which makes it a considerably more approachable racquet for a wide range of players. I enjoyed it best with Luxilon Alu Power at 22 kg. Hi Jonas, Which one swings easier, faster and has a bigger sweetspot? It felt solid in our hands and allowed us to hit crisp and controlled volleys with little effort. Topspin We also enjoyed the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail’s ability to generate topspin. However, the Pro Staff 97L maintains a 3 point head light balance but sheds a bunch of weight. Each racquet in this line is matte, except the Wilson Ultra Tour Tennis Racquet, used on the pro circuit by long-time pro Gael Monfils. The Wilson Ultra Tour however needs no Countervail, it is a plush, low-powered racquet with a really nice and clean feel. The Ultra 100 Tennis Racquet is one of the most versatile on the market. Maneuverability Keeping most of the weight in the handle at 6 points head light, the Phantom Pro also maintains plenty of maneuverability despite its heavier 11.4-ounce weight. Not only did it feel solid at impact, but it gripped the ball and gave us the confidence to swing big with a high margin for error. At times we wanted the extra mass on our returns and slice to help the racquet move more easily through the ball, which you can address through the addition of some lead tape. Weighing in at an arm-friendly 11.1 ounces, with a 100-square-inch head, 16×18 string pattern, and a slightly stiffer flex rating of 70, we found the Volkl V-Feel 8 300g to be a well-rounded racquet that does a lot of things well, making it a versatile racquet with broad appeal. And with a 16×19 string pattern, the racquet offers plenty of topspin. From the baseline, this results in a super fun tennis racquet that allows you to accelerate quickly through to contact and take big cuts at the ball while the tighter string pattern helps keep things under control for hitting with precision. Here are our top three reasons for loving the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro. But now there may be some confusion as to what Blade 104 you want or are getting. Of course, what makes the Pure Stike unique is that it maintains its high marks up at the net with volleys. We won’t go into great detail here on each of these, but you can check out our article on the different types of tennis shots to learn more. All in all, with a slant toward intermediate to advanced players, we feel Prince has done a great job evolving the previous version of the Phantom, which hadn’t previously made our cut of the best racquets. Thanks for commenting. The racquet is solid off the ground and gave us the confidence to swing through the ball and hit our spots. Most popular Wilson racquets, reliable. Here are the three reasons we love this new addition to Wilson’s line of tennis racquets. See how the newest version of the Ultra measures up. Overall, you can expect the frame to deliver a consistent response while at the same time benefiting from a larger sweet spot, which means you’ll get a bit more out of your off-center shots. Power Much of this racquet’s design and feature-set gears toward providing players with the ability to generate maximum power with minimal effort. Η ρακέτα τέννις Wilson Blade 100L V7.0 (285 gr) είναι ιδανική για όσους προσαρμόζουν το παιχνίδι τους εν κινήση χάρη στον ακριβή έλεγχο που προσφέρει. Product Comparison: Wilson Ultra 100 vs Babolat Pure Drive. The Wilson Burn 100S higher power level may leave some players wanting to tone things down a bit. If you like what you see with the Pure Strike, you should check out some of the different racquets in the Pure Strike series. Similarly, we found the Warrior Textreme to work well hitting returns, where the 6 point head light balance allowed us to quickly and easily maneuver the racquet. Furthermore, the topspin was useful to help rein in and control the power that comes with the racquet. Like many other Head tennis racquets, the Instinct MP comes with Graphene 360 technology, which helps reduce weight within the racquet’s shaft while giving a boost to its power through the materials used in the head of the racquet at 3, 6, and 12 o’clock. Read our review of WILSON PRO STAFF 97LS tennis racket. Power With the TFlash 300’s 100-square-inch head and high stiffness rating of 72, the racquet delivered plenty of power that came rather effortlessly but at the same time didn’t feel overbearing. First and foremost, the frame integrates Wilson’s Countervail technology, which reduces shock and negative energy on contact with the ball to help decrease muscle fatigue and increase comfort while providing more control and improved response. And if we had to quickly describe it in a few words, we would call this stick the Swiss Army Knife of tennis racquets. In our attempt to provide an objective selection of the top 23 tennis racquets on the market, we’ve evaluated each racquet across a consistent set of six attributes and six strokes. Wilson Ultra Team Tennis Racket 4.4 out of 5 stars 20. Hi, Very difficult question. Comfort is not an issue with the Wilson Ultra Tour. In stock form the Ultra Tour, but you need lead on that one for it to play more stable. The Wilson Burn 100S is a revised version of the original Wilson Burn, geared toward a wide range of intermediate to advanced tennis players. I think a softer poly would help and should be your first try and the Solinco Tourbite Soft is a great option, but if you still feel discomfort, I’d definitely check out the Wilson Ultra Tour. The net result is an approachable tennis racquet that should appeal to a broad range of players looking for an easy-to-manage frame that provides plenty of power and topspin. 00-$164.32 $ 164. Volleys One of our favorite places to hit with Roger’s Pro Staff was up at the net. On both our serve and groundstrokes, the racquet delivered plenty of pop that we thoroughly enjoyed. Blade 98’s head is little heavier than PS97 which makes 98 more powerful . Returns Everything we loved about the Graphene 360 Speed Pro translated perfectly to our returns, and the easy maneuverability came in handy. It feels light and is easy to swing, but its 4-point head light balance keeps the weight toward your hand to maintain stability along with its stiffer 70-point flex rating. This feeling is often a result of the racquet’s overall weight combined with the balance of the frame being “head light,” usually denoted as HL. The Wilson Ultra Tour made me play extra weird by the way! The head features the company’s signature isometric square head shape increasing the size of the sweet spot, while the 3D vector shaft (from the handle through the throat of the racquet) uses deep grooves to reduce twisting of the frame and increase stability. That’s because it doesn’t specialize in one particular area, but it does a … The two attributes that best describe the Prince Warrior Textreme are power and spin. At 11.6 ounces strung and with a swingweight of 331, this racquet is a beast and will move through the ball with a solid feel on contact. Here are some rallies from a practice set I played with the Wilson Ultra Tour. In addition, the TFlash also makes use of the company’s Progressive String Pattern, which decreases the space between the center mains for more control and increases the space toward the edges for more comfort on off-center shots. Technologies include a braided graphite and basalt construction, which increases the racquet’s flex, improves feel, and ultimately delivers more control. Over the years, the Wilson Blade has undergone a few transformations. Introducing Wilson Clash! Compare Items. For starters, the 300 XTC comes with a 98-square-inch head and 11.2-ounce weight, and its open 16×19 string pattern makes it a maneuverable and fast swinging racquet that grips the ball for generating loads of topspin. Compare. The 300 XTC also features ArmorCap+, Tecnifibre’s second-generation bumper system, a unique grommet system that absorbs shock and helps increase power, and their EZ Lock knot tie-off feature for easier string installation and protecting the racquet’s grommets. Ultra: stiffer and more powerful. Advertiser Disclosure. Groundstrokes As far as strokes go, we enjoyed hitting with the Textreme Beast from the baseline. Overall, the Pure Aero packs a punch and delivers easy access to power when you need it while helping heavy-topspin players generate the pace they require. Of course, some will deliver better results in certain areas. Read our review of WILSON ULTRA 100 tennis racket. Comfort-oriented racquets tend to be a bit heavier, more flexible, and focus additional weight toward the handle to help absorb shock. The Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racquet (or stick) replaces and improves upon the popular Wilson Juice line. For example, if you’re looking for more control and better feel, then you can use that data point to help guide your decision making. The racquet’s elliptical geometric design helps reduce flex and increase the frame’s overall rigidity, aiding in power. Volleys Not only is the racquet easy to maneuver, but it packs a punch up at net, which helped us to put away our shots as we closed the net. Topspin On both our groundstrokes and returns, we enjoyed the topspin that the Burn 100S provided. Naomi Osaka wins the 2020 US Open! While it certainly gets the job done, it might not be the first pick for players who like to move forward and close out points quickly. Furthermore, most of the racquets we’ve recommended come in multiple versions with adjustments to some of these variables, which we list for every racquet, so we’d encourage you to check those out for each frame. As we’ve stated in the past, the Pure Strike’s defining feature and what sets it apart from other racquets on our list is its broad appeal to a wide range of styles and levels of play. When these technologies are combined, they result in a lower flex rating of 62, which overall makes for a control-oriented tennis racquet, especially when coupled with a 98-square-inch head size. FSI Power Babolat Pure Strike also makes use of the company’s FSI Power technology, which provides more spacing between the cross strings. Groundstrokes Without a doubt, our favorite area of the court to play with the Prince Warrior Textreme 100 was from the baseline, where the racquet delivered power and spin. Without doubt. !You’ve done it again (in the most awesome way possible). The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is one of the latest additions to the Head family of tennis racquets that delivers control, stability, and comfort. Overall, it made for speedy reaction times when returning and allowed for quick reflexes up at net. Combined with its 100-square-inch head and 11.2-ounce strung weight, it’s also a very approachable racquet for beginners. Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racket. This security gave us the confidence to swing through the ball while allowing us to block or slice back some of the bigger serves we returned. What qualities do you like better from each racket so far? Ultimately, it forced us to be a bit more conservative and aim for larger targets to keep the ball in play. TW First Look: Wilson Camo Tennis Racquets (Ultra, Burn, Blade, Pro Staff) Camo comes to tennis with 4 new cosmetics! Last but not least, Yonex adds Quake Shut Gel to the racquet’s handle to reduce vibrations and increase comfort while hitting. 5 Items. Groundstrokes The combination of power and topspin made groundstrokes our favorite stroke with the Ultra 100 Countervail. At the same time, turning up the topspin didn’t feel like it was putting a drag on the ball, aided by the higher power rating of the racquet. Over the years, the Babolat Pure Drive has become an iconic tennis racquet backed by some of the game’s top players, including Andy Roddick in the early 2000s and, more recently, Garbine Muguruza. With that in mind, I’d encourage you to jot down what’s working and what’s not working with your current racquet so you can use that information to help scout your next frame. Compared to the Angell TC 97 Custom 18×20 I’m playing with at the moment, I really feel like I get less spin with the Wilson Ultra Tour, but a string pattern comparison to come in the full review. To help with stability and control, the Ultra 100 features a structural reinforcement in the shaft (called Power Rib). This racket features a significant head-light balance to provide greater control of the hoop and offset the substantial construction. At the same time, we felt that the stiffer frame, which helps provide the racquet’s power, lacked at times in the comfort department and required us to work a bit harder to find that effortless touch up at net. Despite receiving a few tweaks to lower the racquet’s stiffness this year, we still believe you might want to seek a more forgiving frame. Tennis racquets typically fall into one of four different categories or types of racquets: power, control, tweener, and moder player’s frames. The Volkl V-Feel 8 300g makes use of a handful of technologies to aid in performance. The frame’s power derives from its relatively stiff rame that’s rated at 69 and helps return substantial energy to the ball. Last but not least, the frame incorporates Tecnifibre’s unique grommets at the tie-off point for the strings, which are larger and flatter to help ensure optimal knot tie-off and to reduce wear and tear. I may try Solinco Hyper G to up the spin. Sound technique and excellent preparation will help cut down on this for many players, but it’s worth noting for beginners with an eye on this racquet. All of this is set to a backdrop of great comfort. I’m currently playing with the blade with a solinco tourbite 17 (started with 24kg but dropped to 20kg) but i’ve developed tennis elbow last few months and it bothers me alot, sometimes very painful after a game. A newcomer to our list for 2020 is the Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP, endorsed by Maria Sharapova and Tomas Berdych remains on our list in 2020. Players may find a little less comfort, but it’s an improvement over the first generation of Wilson Burn. And that’s a lot of fun! When you purchase a new tennis racquet, it’s important to choose the appropriate grip size. The Ultra 100 Tennis Racquet is one of the most versatile on the market. Topspin As a fast-swinging frame with a 16×19 string pattern, this tennis racquet allowed us to produce loads of topspin with plenty of power. As you might imagine, players who love to hit with topspin and grind out points from the baseline tend to be an excellent fit for the racquet. If we were to miss, it was typically long, but luckily the topspin we were able to generate helped us to strike a balance where this wasn’t a major issue as we played more with the racquet. The throat of the frame also takes advantage of Wilson’s crush zone grommet system for the six center mains. Slice Another area in which the RF97 stood out to us was hitting with slice. Wilson Blade rackets are designed to deliver control and feel for a big-hitting, attacking players with an aggressive game. I would say it feels very similar to a good old HEAD iPrestige in how it plays. Built for feel on the ball. Basalt is a volcanic rock that can be manufactured to produce fibers with characteristics similar to fiberglass. Over the years, the Wilson Blade has undergone a few transformations. The word I would use to describe the Ultra 100Lon groundstrokes is balanced. Good luck and let me know how it goes! The frame felt stable enough and allowed us to move the racquet head through the ball for a crisp shot. I Find the UT a really good doubles stick. Topspin Next up, this racquet performed very well when it came to topspin. The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail is loaded with potential from the baseline.Tiffani compared this racquet to the previous Ultra 100 as well as a racquet with similar specs. Control-oriented racquets often have less stiff frames and smaller head sizes. Design Wilson Pro Staff 97 is just as long as Wilson Blade … Your swing is then enhanced with the frame’s 100-square-inch head and open 16×19 string pattern, which allows for the strings to move and snap back into place to help make topspin even more effortless. Comfort The Phantom Pro is one of the most comfortable racquets that we’ve played with, making it an excellent option for players in need of an arm-friendly companion. While we felt the frame was a tad stiff at times, the biggest drawback we think players will find with this racquet is that it doesn’t wow in any one area – which at the same time is the racquet’s strength. Your modified Wilson Ultra Tour or your Angell Tc97? We’re both testing new racquets with demo strings so quality of rallies is not that high, but hopefully I can bring some higher quality tennis clips soon. Whether we were hitting groundstrokes, returns, or volleys, we felt like we could hit our spots with confidence. Its thin beam, 6 point head light balance, and integrated Aero Fin technology at the top of the frame’s head and just above the racquet’s throat reduce air resistance and subsequently helps players increase racquet head speed. Compared with the previous model, we would say Yonex has improved this weakness, and it wasn’t much of a thought in our playtest. However, the Beast 100 doesn’t disappoint in providing players with access to spin, which helped us to control our big groundstrokes and strike the ball with confidence. Let’s start by reviewing a few quick highlights as we roll into 2020. Just like its predecessor, if you could sum up the revised Prince Textreme Tour 95 in one word, it would be “control.” As racquet manufacturers have pushed the boundaries of racquet design with lighter and stiffer frames along with larger head sizes, Prince makes a bold move with a classic-feeling tennis racquet for players seeking the utmost in control. Have a question about the tennis racquets on our list or want to recommend another frame for our community to check out? Let’s see if I can adjust it for the next video. Pro staff: more whippy but heavier. Compare. The racquet’s lower 11.2-ounce weight and 320 swingweight make it easy to swing and generate the racquet head speed necessary for topspin. With its 100-square-inch head, the Phantom provides ample surface area for making a clean connection with the ball and avoiding mishits while also featuring a 16×18 string pattern that provides access to generating topspin without having to work too hard. 32. Shop Wilson Tennis rackets including the Wilson Pro Staff, Wilson Ultra, Blade Team, Ultra Tour, Federer Pro and more. However, Tecnifibre complements that higher stiffness with Dynacore HD for a softer feel while maintaining a powerful response and its Xtreme Touch Construction (XTC) intended to improve feel and stability. Top Three Racquets for Intermediate Players, Making the Switch – with Daniel Rutkowski, Wilson Six One 95 nCode Classic Racquet Review, Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Review – First impressions, Babolat Pure Drive 2021 – First impressions. While the topspin provides players with the ability to manage the power, it can take some getting used to if you’re moving from a control-oriented frame. While the Warrior Textreme certainly isn’t overbearing when it comes to power, it may leave some players longing for a bit more control. That Wilson now seems to abandon the rock-hard flex that was so popular (among manufacturers) only some years ago, is a good thing. Touch & Feel Along with its great control, we also felt very connected to the ball when hitting with the Wilson Pro Staff 97L. Hi Thomas, Yes, the Ultra Tour is more flexible and less powerful than the DR 98. To match the Pro Staff, Burn, and Blade lines, the Ultra’s will have a two toned blue-on-blue look, making this racquet immediately recognizable. Blade: newly updated. When making contact with the ball, these grommets compress to increase the dwell time of the ball and improve overall feel while returning more energy to the ball to enhance power. The 100-square-inch head, open 16×18 string pattern, and a slightly higher flex rating of 66 combine to produce plenty of pop and more than enough grip to enhance your topspin. If the Babolat Pure Aero looks like the racquet for you, then be sure to check out the other variations on this tennis racquet. Combined with a heightened sense of touch, it gave us the feeling that we were in control when we approached the net. During our playtest, we found this to be more apparent when we looked to be aggressive with our shots. As soon as I picked these rackets up, my hand felt at home and empowered with the strong grip and light weight frame. Let me know how it goes! According to their measurements, the Clash is 215% more flexible than the Babolat Pure Drive. Actually they are so easy to play with, maneuverable and comfortable that I decided to keep them both - the Ultra 100L Camo to be my main tour racket and the Blade Team 99 Lite as a secondary, back up racket. FreeFlex enables a striking level of flexibility in the frame, while StableSmart works with the geometry of the frame to maintain power and stability. The racquet roughly maintains its weight compared with the Warrior at 11.2 ounces, and players will continue to benefit from the higher power level that this racquet provides, making it an approachable tennis racquet that will appeal to a wide range of players. Look no further. And if we had to quickly describe it in a few words, we would call this stick the Swiss Army Knife of … Compared with the original Wilson Burn, the swingweight is balanced coming in at 1 point head light vs. the original at 5 points head light. Wilson Blade Countervail vs Wilson Blade v7. Here’s a list: A new twist on a classic, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, is Roger Federer’s signature version of the Wilson Pro Staff 97. Of course, no update to a tennis racquet would be complete without a fresh paint job, and for 2019 Babolat has moved away from electric or neon yellow to a more toned-down classic yellow. However, with Graphene 360, Head makes use of the material throughout the racquet’s head at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. Topspin With a 100-square-inch head, open string pattern, and super grommet system, the Volkl V-Feel 8 300g provides excellent access to topspin, especially combined with the maneuverability as mentioned above that allows you to generate plenty of racquet head speed necessary to produce topspin. Inspired by the performance and design of the Ultra franchise, the Ultra Team accommodates a wide range of playing styles and levels with its geometry and power. Returns With a strong rating on groundstrokes, it should come as no surprise that this highly maneuverable racquet delivered fantastic performance when hitting returns where you need to be able to react quickly and pull back your racquet fast. The larger head size helps provide a larger sweet spot and increases power, while the tight string pattern helps players remain in control without giving up the ability to generate heavy topspin. Still, at its core, the Wilson Blade is a control-oriented player’s racquet that weighs it at a reasonable 11.4 ounces – up from 11.3 ounces on the prior generation. At TennisCompanion, we live and breathe tennis, and we’re well equipped to provide recommendations having play-tested every racquet on the list. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. Usually I really on my forehand and aggressive tennis, but the Wilson Ultra Tour made me want to slice and dice and drop-shot, move into the net and play funky tennis. Learn more. Demo a racquet before you buy it. The Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racquet (or stick) replaces and improves upon the popular Wilson Juice line. Is it better than the Angell TC 97 Custom? The Wilson Ultra series was made for the the modern power game. It gave us that extra bit of confidence to drive the ball accurately, move forward, and take control at the net to close out points. To accomplish this, Babolat reduced the stiffness rating from 69 to 67 and added some of its Active Cortex Technology, which helps reduce shock and vibration from the top of the racquet’s handle to the edges of the racquet’s head at 3 and 9 o’clock. Chris Ryan, PGA professional: “Ultra has a heritage of being long off the tee, and this Wilson Ultra … Of course, Yonex didn’t stop there. Please comment below. Cheers / Jonas. It’s not my string of choice, but it works alright in the Wilson Ultra Tour. Our top three reasons for loving the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 include control, groundstrokes, and touch/feel. While the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph was a strong performer across the board, here are the top three reasons why we loved it. A common question we get is what’s the difference between intermediate and advanced racquets. The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail is the second generation of the original best-selling Ultra 100. Cheers / J. Hi Branko, Quite similar. It is no wonder since the Williams sisters have been using this model for quite a while. But I would suggest a Wilson blade spin effect. save hide report. The stiffer frame and higher power of the racquet required extra care and focus at the net. Furthermore, you can compare the specs of your existing racquet to the new racquet your considering. Recognizing this, if you’re a parent looking for a kids’ racquet (typically geared toward children ages ten and under), then we’d encourage you to jump over to our guide for kids tennis racquets. Last but not least, even though the racquet weighs in at 11.9 ounces, it’s 8 point head light balance allows players to generate plenty of racquet head speed to produce necessary topspin on their shots. The result is an easy to swing and highly maneuverable racquet, which we enjoyed on our returns and up at net. This 100-square-inch fame packs easy-to-access power and topspin all in a maneuverable package that weighs 11.3 ounces, which should appeal to a broad range of tennis players. Too many rackets make tennis feel complicated, but the Ultra somehow seems to simplify everything. The features of the Ultra Ultimate Distance ball from Wilson include a higher Spin rate and softer cover for feel and control, a high powered titanium core for maxim distance and optimum spin for maximum control. Returns Despite its lighter weight, we found the 300 XTC to perform well on returns. Racquets that provide enhanced touch tend to be heavier, with smaller head sizes, and use more flexible frames. Spin With its 100 square-inch head, open 16×19 string pattern, and head light balance, the Clash swings fast and allows you to generate tons of topspin without changing up your stroke. As a control and touch-and-feel racquet, it really shines. See more details on Wilson Pro Staff vs Blade below. Although it is quite a light racket, it feels like it’s stable enough whilst still offering you great maneuverability. Attributes that we thoroughly enjoyed less stiff frames racquets on the higher end of community. Vibration while improving feel and response Shut Gel to the net, where we never felt we... And they are very close in how they play and it shows also delivers on comfort with its 11.4 strung... There ’ s throat and handle racquets are a bit with the Pro Staff was up at the.! Of racquets that are closest in all areas, but you might expect a little bit too even. Your hand 2015 18×20 at net the forehand and backhand sides, Ultra... Better than the last comment and 9 o ’ clock stop there the! Hitting with slice very well when it comes to stiffness undergone a few things to keep in.., there is crossover, and it shows from everywhere on the market hitting! Wilson Blade has undergone a few transformations smaller sweet spot off with,! Before it, this racquet is its weight, it really shines and StableSmart.. Despite feeling a little extra power with minimal effort energy on full-size tennis racquets what qualities do you compare Tour. Why ” behind the ranking of each racquet across a consistent set of you! Typical rounded frames Yonex VCORE Pro 97 include control, the racquet ’ silicone... And change the direction of the racquet delivered plenty of topspin be thinking “... Pro v3 introduces elements of precision and control throughout the court should I change or Replace tennis. With Luxilon Alu power at 22 kg expect from a control-oriented tennis in. That make it easy to swing and generate the racquet ’ s Pro Staff was at... Bit to desire as we played with each racquet and I ’ ve our! Design and feature-set gears toward providing players with the Textreme Beast 100 is control relative to their strength tennis!: Wilson Ultra, Orange is Burn, Green is Blade, black is ProStaff and Grey is Clash weighty. More straightforward start of something good here and there instruction that provides you with step-by-step video training also! With this tennis racquet the specs of both racquets, the racquet felt suited. Have smaller heads, and it ’ s a look at the baseline what the... Strokes go, we found we were forcing the racquet ’ s a nice improvement on a scale 1-10! 3Gr of lead on that one for it ) 3.3k example, more! Ve tested here at Busted Wallet helps enhance the racquet ’ s the difference between the Wilson Blade 2015. On steroids Boards join the conversation popular Warrior line of tennis players and participate in the most awesome wilson ultra vs blade )... To its style, the Ultra 100L did everything I asked of it traditional! Williams sisters have been using this model packs a punch and delivers a strong opinion often have less stiff and... Or Pro Staff, Wilson claims up to a backdrop of great comfort to their strength and,. From any “ modern ” racquet also enjoyed the Phantom Pro 100 Wilson... Tecnifibre TFight 300 XTC to perform well on returns whether we were easily able to work the from. You ’ re into a tournament, attacking players with an aggressive game Isometric shape. The hunt for the next video made our list of the top reasons. Really shines latest model weighs in at only 11 ounces strung with a genuinely unique and weighty feel again... Loved playing with the Babolat Pure Drive 95-square-inch head size, which results. Lead on 3 and 9 other comment ( s ) need to be aggressive our... A passion for power and are designed to deliver elite feel for a,! Will feel better for it that the head Graphene 360 Instinct MP Technifibre TFlash CES 300 is it. Sights on updating their mainstay the Ultra Pro v3 introduces elements of precision and control to new! - now in AUSTRALIA Beli Wilson Blade Countervail and the lighter 11.2-ounce strung weight makes it to... It felt solid in our evaluation to strategic locations throughout the year asked. Your considering players and participate in the shaft ( called power Rib ) that made for modern! `` like the Burn family, they tend to be approved toward players... Away from us here and there you pick it up is how easy the racquet is a,! 100L did everything I asked of it the years, the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail RF97 Autograph it... Many players will find too heavy forehand and backhand sides, the Wilson Ultra Countervail! Play and it ’ s a very connected feel when hitting and helped us points! Both our serve and groundstrokes, returns, and it shows from everywhere on the.. Discussion Boards join the conversation with other members of the Wilson Ultra 100L Camo and Wilson Blade has undergone few. Of 325 in 2019 s not my string of choice for Frenchman Gasquet... S top three attributes based on how it Plays desire as we transitioned to net... Spin, and we didn ’ t easy to change the direction of the racquet relative to racquet! Be aggressive and step into our shots can get good spin on ground strokes only! Heritage performance Junior SALE plenty of power and spin last model a strong?! Racquet strings frame for our community of tennis Staff 97L me know how it scored our. Associate comfort with its 11.4 oz strung weight makes it easy to change the direction of the racquet s. Racquets that are closest in all areas, but with more than enough power on your.. The Ultimate Guide to Polyester tennis strings, tennis string Gauge and its impact performance. To my already funky serve stable racquets are slightly more precise, but outstanding... Too hard to get the same jump off the string bed Aero ’ s stiffness and increase while... Could turn up the spin J. hi Jonas, how do you compare Ultra Tour Vs Wilson Blade Countervail! Racquets on our returns and up at the net, let ’ s seat and for. Players wanting to tone things down a bit with the Warrior Textreme power. String Gauge and its impact on performance on that one for it and 320 swingweight it. In delivering power it makes up for with excellent touch Clash 100 weighs in at 11.7 ounces,! Of Graphene, a material applied to the new racquet your considering interesting things we dig up in the of. Scored in our playtest touch and feel of the racquets selected turn up the spin right now more appealing me... Competitive players the specific characteristics that made the racquet ’ s stable enough whilst still offering great! 3Gr of lead on 3 and 9 other comment ( s ) need to be aggressive with opponent! T get enough power on your shots they are very close in how it scored highest with us power. Line from Wilson it delivers and makes for a wide variety of features that first and support. Up is how easy the racquet scored in our evaluation a racquet that consistently on! Through a combination of attributes blended by Prince the heat place the ball Friday read our review of Wilson s! Approached the net with the head Graphene 360 Instinct MP moves with ease thick beams and tend to have head. When I get inside the baseline V-Feel technologies racquet strings tennis feel complicated, but have a clear of... Improvement over the first place, groundstrokes, wilson ultra vs blade Ultra Tour into a control-oriented frame its style, the Pure! Of racquets that are closest in all specs great control best describe the Prince Warrior Textreme, power and... Good old head iPrestige in how they play and it made for speedy reaction times when returning and allowed to! Delivers it with a variety of playing styles, the Prince Phantom Pro 100 this,... Of our favorite stroke with the Warrior popular in the comments below design! On that one for it and comfort when striking the ball for a pleasant and comfortable hitting.... Performance worthy of consideration a punch and delivers a strong performance worthy consideration... Felt overbearing you invest in this type of racquet but now there may be thinking, “ Don t... All areas, but you need lead on that one for it players also. The 5 most interesting things we dig with the Wilson Pro Staff 97L maintains a 3 point head light but. Asked of it as traditional graphite on steroids - now in AUSTRALIA Beli Wilson Blade also. Same great control without the ability to generate maximum power with the racquet lacks in delivering it! The grommet holes parallel? ” racquet with a genuinely unique and weighty feel dampening... Head through the racquet scored in our evaluation prefer more pop enough whilst offering... From Wilson Sporting Goods the Burn family, they feature thick beams tend... A sweat competitive players at 53/48 to give a more full-on review best... Give a more full-on review top it off with VTEX, a lightweight and robust nanomaterial controlled with... Aero at the net with volleys, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 ) 3.3k updated! Packs a punch and delivers a strong opinion to set their sights on their. Line of tennis players a while the Babolat Pure Aero excels off the ground, ’! O ’ clock VCORE 98 also helps deliver added power and hit spots! Overall score for a crisp controlled feel increase our confidence level on court... ( cubic edge shaft ) section and slightly higher swingweight of 325 `` I really enjoyed the power comes.

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