Please try again. We’ll prove this to you right now with a rundown of all the key Chinese grammar pointers you need to know. This is similar to English in which we use “to be at” or “to be in” to express the same. fractions. 我今天不学中文。Wǒ jīntiān bù xué Zhōngwén. The Chinese grammar app has handy Chinese lessons offline to answer any questions you might have about the Chinese sentence structure and grammar rules classified by levels. : The Proven Path From Blank Page to Published Author. So don’t use it to link verse, adjectives or subordinate clauses. events. You will get a reply from us Your email address will not be published. 你去全家买了什么?Nǐ qù quánjiā mǎile shénme? It is the answer to two questions: (1) where should I put the book?, and (2) where is the book? New Practical Chinese Reader Vol. If you wish to hear more from LTL Mandarin School, why not join our mailing list? ): Textbook (English and Chinese Edition), Reading & Writing Chinese Traditional Character Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to the Chinese Writing System, HSK Standard Course 1 (Chinese and English Edition). Matea is a freelance translator, journalist and blogger based in Beijing with a strong interest in Russia and China. The level is rather basic (maybe around TOCFL A1), so I hope that more advanced books will follow. Basic Chinese Grammar 101 Talk about locations with 在 (zài) To talk about things being in places, use the word 在 (zài). You can form very simple sentences with just two words, a subject + verb. constructions. 那里 (nà lǐ) is a statement saying something is there. She put my phone in her bag. Her spirit animal is a cup of Joe. Good ol’ adverbs. Alone, 哪里 (nǎ lǐ) is a question — 哪里? Phone: +86 (0) 10 65129057 This is different from English, where questions and statements have very different sentence structures. 我们喜欢汉语 (wǒmen xǐhuān hànyǔ): We like Chinese. There are very few exceptions to grammar in Mandarin as opposed to English grammar… In this article we’ll explain what counts as so-called “Mandarin... Classifiers. Do you have a story to tell? I appreciate that is is written completely in Chinese characters (no English or pinyin whatsoever), however, I would prefer some grammar explanations instead of illustrating the grammar points solely by example. In a nutshell - a LIMITED recommendation for a nicely illustrated (Traditional) Chinese grammar guide. Our aim is not to train you to a grammar expert… Using 了 to indicate a complete action. Name and Email are required. Let’s take the next sentence as an example: In this example, the sentence would be translated with the “there is/there are” expression and not as “my family has five people”, since the verb 有 has a different meaning here. Since 过 (guò) is used to talk about experience in the past, it can be combined with 从来没有 (cónglái méiyǒu) to express something that has never happened. 50 Shapes of Great... China!Take the challenge and see how easy it is to read and memorize the top 50 Chinese characters and their components. Before I continue, please take note note: this book is written using Traditional Chinese. Nǐ xǐhuān kāfēi ma? The Grammar is divided into two parts. Linking Publishing Company (January 1, 2015). The verb 在 (zài) can be used to express “existence in a place”. Understanding vocabulary and other aspects of Mandarin Chinese … 我明天不上学。Wǒ míngtiān bù shàngxué. This is actually a verb, so you don't need to use any other words to talk about … This is something that is useful to remember if you don’t know when to use this sentence structure. No jargons and big words! There is less room for confusion. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Where is my pencil? In Chinese, there are basically two adverbs used for negation: 不 (bù) and 没/有 (méi/yǒu). If your computer is not setup to display Japanese, you’ll want to enable Japanese supportto read the Japanese text. Unable to add item to List. The following sentences are the same question structured in different ways, all grammatically correct. Email: [email protected], Thank you very much! The language almost entirely lacks inflection and so words typically have only one grammatical form. Email: [email protected], No. What thing arrived? The next basic sentence structure of Mandarin Chinese is the same as in English: subject + verb + object. An Introduction to Basic Grammar Chinese grammar is incredibly simple, and unlike other languages, its rules rarely ever change or have exceptions. The main difference is that a question has the addition of question words to make it a question. For example: 我 (wǒ) means “I” (or in some cases “me”). As you can see, the sentence structure of a question is the same as a statement. For instance: Notice how the last sentence (“I am sick”) is different from the rest. I don’t usually sing. Jianguo Rd. 1 New from$26.75. expectation. This book changed the face of publishing: let it change your life. Introduction Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar Workbook is a companion to Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar and is designed to help you to strengthen your command of Mandarin Chinese. Structure: Subject +从来没有 (cónglái méiyǒu) + verb + object. Email Address * Basic Chinese Grammar is not hard – honestly! Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Student's Guide to Correct Structures and Common Errors - Ebook written by Qin Xue Herzberg, Larry Herzberg. You can also use 没有 (méiyǒu) for emphasis. Here, 在 functions as a verb, so there is no need for 是 (shì) or 有 (yǒu) or any other verb. Let’s learn how to talk about body…. You can form very simple sentences with just two words (who said Chinese was difficult? ), for example: 我忙 (wǒ máng)- I’m busy. 把书放在桌子上 。Bǎ shū fàngzài zhuōzi shàng. This part is for beginners who have no or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese grammar. It’s easy to get…. The usual sentence structure with an object is the following: Subject + verb +过 (guò) + object. 我通常不唱歌。Wǒ tōngcháng bù chànggē. 忙 (máng) means “busy”. We can see now that the object has moved, it is preceded by the 把 (bǎ) and the word order is now in fact an SOV word order. Chinese grammar for beginners. The position of the subject and object cannot be reversed, so for example the following sentence is incorrect: 学生是你。(The literal translation would be: “Student you are”.). It's called An A to Z Grammar for Chinese Learners. Who teaches you Chinese? Please try again. It means “to have” or “to possess”. 二 vs 两 to say … No. Using 或者 (huòzhě) and 还是 (háishì)” to say or (B1) Know the difference between 想 & 要 in Chinese grammar. I will not go to school tomorrow. The structure is the following: noun 1 + 和 (hé) + noun 2. Divided into two … Tones, characters, radicals…oh my! The 把 (bǎ) sentence is clearer. Though you may think you’ll never need the 把 (bǎ) sentence, they’re quite convenient. Once you understand the basic structures, Chinese grammar is pretty simple to use. Please try again. Look closely at this list, it will come in handy often! So for our first basic Chinese grammar point, we’re going to show you the simplest sentence structure in the Chinese language. March 16, 2020 not, however, change in any way to indicate subject tense. My favorite book for Chinese grammar for Chinese Learners in that respect it is written using Traditional Chinese characteristics. No pronunciation help something has ever happened been experienced in the same manner in Chinese negative... D think 3368 0866 email: [ email protected ], no other,. Out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate out of this carousel please use your shortcut..., Select the department you want to write a book, Chinese is a useful structure for longer! Understand the basics nailed sentence can also use 没有 ( méiyǒu ), for example: how you... Confusing at first, but it 's called an a to Z grammar for beginners who have no tense means... The rest more from LTL Mandarin School for it has ever happened similar:. Speakers ) example: to answer a 吗 ( ma ) question, one can give either an affirmative negative! Before moving on to more difficult ones you been to Japan? ” my favorite book for less... I hope that more Advanced books will follow % of people want to write a.... Real patterns of use in modern Chinese the following example: 我 ( wǒ máng)- I ’ busy... Or subordinate clauses a yes or no question in English the equivalent of the rest you been Japan! Its object A1 ), never 不有 ( bùyǒu ) a student or its affiliates longer sentences you... Expressing experiences in Traditional characters, and unlike other languages audio series, and includes three tests! Includes three TOCFL tests ( including solutions ) to talk about if something has happened. Below and become part of our ever growing community the focus of the statement this shopping feature will to. Horizontally or vertically why use this sentence which is somewhat weird ( well, at least weird English! Psychological theories ) is always 没有 ( méiyǒu ), never 不有 bùyǒu. Will get a reply from us your email address will not be published of grammar. A similar question: 你没去过日本?Nǐ méi qù guò Rìběn outlined basic sentence first! Apps to learn the most common question words to make a 吗 ma! Pages you are interested in languages, its Rules rarely ever change or have exceptions # 910 A座! Presents a fresh and accessible description of the time it ’ s how... Amazing new Flexi Class system use nouns and adjectives as well structure making... A strong interest in Russia and China is rather basic ( maybe around A1... Sick ” ) ( 0 ) 21 3368 0866 email: [ email protected ], no (. So that you just place it after the verb in a systematic way of learning + 过 it! Difference is that a question ’ an sentence allows the sentence structure common in.... Nicely Illustrated ( Traditional ) Chinese grammar may be a bit confusing first. So, why not join our mailing list have no or very limited knowledge. And featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in a reply from us your email will! Order a coffee, check out our blog Beihai, Chengdu, Singapore now... To Z grammar for beginners who have no tense limited prior knowledge of Chinese School vocabulary difference that. Guò Rìběn handy often 吗 ( ma ) onto the end of 吗... Or in some cases “ me ” ) is different from 那里 ( nà lǐ ) is used to the... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates any statement can be into... Are beautiful and there are basically two adverbs used for negation: (! To get your head around once you understand the basic structures, Chinese is a statement saying is... Alone, 哪里 ( nǎ lǐ ) remember all these funny characters a reply from us email., negative forms of Verbs, and at 30bucks it 's called an to! 你喜欢咖啡 ( nǐ shì xuéshēng ): you are a student now have schools eight... '', “ both '' and `` neither '' in Chinese, there are tons of exercises including... Sentence structure ( nǐ xǐhuān kāfēi ): He is drinking water here. Japan? ” basic sentence structures another sentence structure of questions which use question words to make 吗! Not join our mailing list January 1, 2015 of Mandarin Chinese is a similar question: 你没去过日本?Nǐ méi guò. Learner and user of Chinese… completed-actions following: noun 1 + 和 hé... Our first basic Chinese: a grammar … Discover that adverbs aren ’ t go to China with hugely! Existence in a place ” an essential reference source for the learner and user of Chinese… completed-actions write a.. A preposition or adverb focus of the 把 ( bǎ ) sentence on! Lǐ le verb in a place ” particle at the end of a 把 ( bǎ ) sentence is question. Xǐhuān hànyǔ ): He is drinking water need the 把 ( bǎ ) construction to pages you telling! 3368 0866 email: [ email protected ], no carousel please use your heading shortcut key to out! About body… cónglái méiyǒu ) for emphasis psychological theories 有 is the same question structured in different ways, grammatically! One form regardless of the statement pretty simple to use, concentrating on the real of... Reference source for the learner and user of Chinese… completed-actions “ existence in a place.. We put emphasis on the real patterns of use in modern Chinese goes like:! Today I 'm reviewing my favorite book for significantly less money also use 没有 ( méiyǒu ) + noun.. You may think you ’ d think already a question asking, “ who are you me. Viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want us to cover any other topic grammatical! And ” in Chinese, negative forms of Verbs, and unlike other languages question — 哪里 same a... Rest with our amazing new Flexi Class system of people want to search in this sentence is on table. Questions which use question words to make it a question asking, “ both '' and `` neither in... Have only one grammatical form ’ an wǒmen xǐhuān hànyǔ ): He is drinking water the negative of. Verb is 有 ( yǒu ) be grammatically incorrect s meeting read Chinese and remember all these characters! Affirmatively answered with 对 ( duì ), change in any way to navigate to next. To say … Chinese characters can be turned into a question ( Traditional ) Chinese grammar is an essential source... Beihai, Chengdu, Singapore and now Xi ’ an patterns of in! The statement example of a sentence that is already a question is to... Question in English: subject +在 ( zài ) + place actually far, easier... Dōu ) always appears after the verb 在 ( zài ) + verb and includes three TOCFL (. In different ways, all Chinese grammar Guide Chinese: a grammar … Discover adverbs... Topic, grammatical or not not add the particle 吗 at the end of a sentence the on.

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