Elsebeth Tank

Photo: Malmö Stad

Visionary strategy work in the public and voluntary sectors has occupied most of my professional life. Strategic thinking and action in inclusive processes with many participants has been required. These processes have provided improved output to larger numbers of end-users. They have further given rise to stronger and more modern organizations and institutions.

I am a passionate proponent of cultural entrepreneurship and I always strive for solutions that balance originality and quality. I have worked to improve my own leadership – in theory and practice – and the leadership of others on an individual basis and in groups of leaders and project managers.

Curriculum Vitae – leadership positions

Library Director, Malmö City Library


President ,The Daisy Consortium

Head of Culture, Køge City Council

Chairman, Danish Union of Librarians 1992–1994

Other Positions

2009 – Chair of IVA’s recruitment panel
2008 – 2012 Chairman of the directory board of Republique, Copenhagen’s new theatre, and Theatre CampX
2003 – 2007 President and Chairman of the directory board of The DAISY Consortium
2004 – 2006 Member of think tank ”Public Governance” concerning the conditions of public senior management, established on the initiative of the SAS Institute
1998 – 2007 Member of the Library Council, a national consulting group for library development in Denmark
1997 – 2000 Board member, Danish Film Institute (Det Danske Filminstitut)
1992 – 1994 Chairman of Danish Union of Librarians (Bibliotekarforbundet) (Vice-Chairman and other positions, 1987–92)
1992 – 94 Member of directory board and business committee of the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikernes Centralorganisation)
1989 – 1994 Co-founder and board member of EBLIDA, European Bureau for Library Information and Documentation Associations

My Personal Leadership

My personal leadership has taken shape through many years during which I have followed my own prescription, presented here. I have tried and tested and reflected on my own practice and acquired theoretical knowledge through further education and training.

I have developed my personal basic values as leader. This process has strengthened my integrity and self-respect. My values operate as a mental compass in existential matters. I find that this is a safe basis on which to stand in uncertain times when we must learn to thrive on the edge of chaos.

Formal Education

2009 – Theory U – The Presencing Institute, MIT, Boston US

2006 – 2007 Nordic leader and consultant training, DISPUK

2003 – 2008 Philosophy, Art and Leadership. Summer school, workshop participation and self study, Copenhagen Business School

2000 – 2001 Executive Training Programme, Right Kjær & Kjerulff

1994 – 1996 Master of Public Administration, Copenhagen Business School

1974 – 1978 Librarian, The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Art Courses

Abstract painting, Ærø School of Art, Denmark

Internationalt painting course
Holbæk School of Art, Denmark

International painting course
Holbæk School of Art, Denmark